Crystal Johnston Ergonomic Hairdressing Solutions
Crystal Johnston - Hairdressing Specialist

Crystal Johnston's Ergonomic Solutions revolve around being Professional | Versatile | Ergonomic & FAST!

The sought after FoilerOre and Crystal Johnston's Ergonomic Work Method continues to make leaps and bounds as Hairdressers start to realise that they Do Not need to HURT!

Crystal continues to be a successful highly coveted Hairdresser, trainer and innovator of Hairdressing Tools & Techniques.

Crystal's 1st Innovation is the FoilerOre, and the FoilerOre Mini - Available as a twin pack.  

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♥ Fast & Efficient

♥ Make Money

♥ Comfort & Ease

♥ Reduce Costs

♥ No Drip No Mess

♥ Ergonomic Solutions

How It's Made

Using 100% Australian Materials

Foilerore Journey 1

Granules come from Melbourne


Manufacturing in Western Sydney


Printing in Sydney Metropolitan

Foilerore Recycle

It was important to us to use materials that are durable, flexible and recyclable. We have a responsibility for the NEXTGEN. The FoilerOre is surprisingly flexible and lightweight. 

This is a credit to the Australian partners we selected who share our environmental values. 

Features & Benefits of the FoilerOre

Minimal stress on fingers, hands, arms and shoulders, back & mind

Allows flexibility

Reduces change of injury if dropped

Saving time for the client, e.g. if they are in a hurry

Saving time for the hairdresser so they can move onto the next client, or spend more time being creative or building rapport

Using two hands by leveraging the FoilerOre against the body increases accuracy and speed allowing the body micro rests having long term benefits on their bodies

For comfort against the head

No sharp edges (customers do not even feel it and foil does not easily tear, even if you have to re-tuck it).

Accurate and even application of colour

Grip for foil improving application accuracy

Texture for Balayage

For minimal discomfort to the hairdresser when held

Used for Balayage and Ombre' (easily cleaned) as a flat working surface increasing visual accuracy and creativity

Strong material

Resilient to common chemicals and colours found in the Hairdressing Salon

Heat resistent

Flexible for easy use

Bronze complements most common colours and shades found in a Salon such as Black, White and metallic colours

Instructions and training are available on how to best maximise the benefits of the FoilerOre. 

May reduce tax liability; and NSW WorkCover rebate available - under certain circumstances. Refer Accountant. 

Our Products

Crystal Johnston FoilerOre
FoilerOre Salon Pack
Crystal Johnston - Diablo Voila Balayage Brushes
Crystal Johnston Slave to Hair Quote

As an Australian Owned Family run business, it is important to stay close to our customers and honour their needs. 

The team continues to grow, and we are grateful to all the hands-on from our friends and family - believing in us, and to all the Hairdressers who love our solutions.

Who We Sponsor

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WorldSkills Australia aims to develop and nurture the skills of young Australians. Established in 1981, our purpose is to promote and build a skills-based culture by inspiring young Australians, celebrating skills excellence and providing them with an opportunity to showcase their trade and skill talent. We achieve this goal through competitions held on a regional, national and international level. 

Competitions are run in a two year cycle comprising of:


Approximately 500 Regional Competitions are held in 31 regions across the country. Age eligible medallists from Regional Competitions are chosen to go on to compete in the National Competition. 


Competitors from over 50 specalised trade and skills categories compete in three days of competition. Age eligible medallists are then invited to apply for a place on the Skills Squad and undertake months of intensive training with a dedicated Training Manager.


Members from the Skills Squad are selected to represent Australia on the Skillaroos team, joining over 70 countries to compete on the international stage in the hopes of being named the "best in the world".

For more information, go to, or contact WorldSkills Australia:

Phone: 03 9249 1000 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Where to BUY a Foil, Ombre & Balayage Board?


Balayage is trending now. Every Hairdresser and Hair Salon wants to find and buy a Foil, Ombre & Balayage Board. 

What you get from us that no one gives you, is a two-in-one ergonomic hairdressing solution - designed by a hairdresser for Hairdressers. 

♥ Flat Work Surface

♥ Curved for comfort

♥ Pitched for Grip (foiling)

♥ Lightweight

♥ Durable, resistant to heat and chemicals

The FoilerOre Twin Pack is our most popular product in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

It comes in two sizes and is so versatile that the possibilities are endless. 

Do you want to be a Distributor?

For those interested in being distributors of the Best Australian Made Balayage Boards / Foil Paddles - Please Contact Us Here. We would Love to Speak to Hair Supply Stores and Hair / Salon Wholesalers so that our products can be in stores near you - send us some recommendations and we will be in contact soon!  

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